New Selena Gomez Album – Rare Review

New Selena Gomez Album – Rare Review

As we all know, Selena Gomez just dropped a highly requested new album, which has been in the makings for the last four years.

I have been so excited for this album to drop because I have truly been following this woman since she was on Wizards of Waverly Place, and I even remember seeing her in Barney when I was a child. I’ve grown with her and I have been through most of her professional stages, supporting and enjoying everything that she brings to the table.

I know a lot of people have said, and continue saying, that Selena doesn’t have a powerful, nor distinguish voice. But, in my opinion, she may not be the best singer, but she does know how to deliver some good music with the softness of her voice. Her voice is one of those things that no matter in which genre she’s singing, she always brings so much peace and some sensuality into her part, which is truly something I love.

Today, I thought I could make a review of her brand new album “Rare” and give you my personal and honest opinion about each track, along with my favorite lyric on the song.

So with that being said, let’s jump right into it

  • Rare

Selena Gomez rare album review

The album title. When I first saw the tracklist and saw that the album was called “Rare” I was a little concerned. We often think that the term “rare” is something to feel uncomfortable with, something that wasn’t really a good thing. I always thought that being rare was a negative aspect of someone’s personality. Growing up, you’re used to having kids telling you how “rare” you are and how weird it must be for you to be that type of person.

Selena really left me speechless with her definition and her perception of what “rare” means to her, and how it’s actually a good thing to be rare. I took the song and the meaning of it as “being unique” and frankly, I think that’s such an important message to give out to young people out there. You’re wonderful, you’re special, you’re unique, you’re your own person, you’re one of a kind, you’re rare.

My favorite lyric from this song was:

“Always there

You don’t do the same for me

That’s not fair”

  • Dance Again

Rare by Selena Gomez review

I can see this song being about the possibility of how you can get out of a toxic relationship, or friendship, and start doing what you love to do once again, because tha person was preventing you from being yourself and enjoying what you love.

It’s like a fresh new start, in an unknown territory which I honestly love that whole concept of pushing yourself up after all the negativity and just enjoying what makes you feel happy and good about yourself.

I think the only critique I have towards this song, which maybe you had it too, it was regarding how repetitive it was. If you’ve been following Selena for some time, you’ve known she tends to do that a lot. Some examples can be: Birthday, B.E.A.T, Like A Champion, Me & The Rhythm, etc. But besides that, it was a fun song.

My favorite lyrics from the song: “Confidence

Is throwing your heart through every brick wall”

  • Look At Her Now

new Selena Gomez album review

I am not going to lie, I did not like this song the first time I heard it which was basically right after she dropped her first single. It was a shocker and I was really surprised and impressed that she did that, but going from the previous song she released the day before to this one…it just wasn’t doing it for me.

It took a few listens for me to actually get into the song and really appreciate it. What can be better than a song that represents where you are on this stage in your life. She’s been through so much heartache and pain, and I know she’s still hurting because pain doesn’t just go away like that, but I am so deeply proud that she’s gotten this far throughout everything she’s been through and now she’s just saying “you know what? I went through hell and back but look at me now, I’m better than ever” and that’s something that truly made me think about how your life is a reflection of your actions and the environment you’re surrounded by.

My favorite lyrics from this song is: “What a thing to be human

Made her more of a woman”

  • Lose You To Love Me

Lose you to love me review

I cannot express how proud I am of her for this song. I know it was hard to take all of those emotions out of her system and play with them a little until they became a masterpiece. The song is pretty much self-explanatory. I know she got a lot of backlash for being so open about how she felt and still feels, but I honestly can not be any prouder.

As women we’re expected to do certain things or act a certain way just to be accepted by society, but when men do the absolute same thing, they get praised for speaking up their minds.

This song is my absolute favorite from the whole album. Something about it, being so honest, raw and vulnerable makes me feel like I’m being understood. Regardless if we’re talking of a relationship or a friendship, I’m almost sure we can all relate to this song in some type of way.

Also, the way the music video was shot, I know a lot of people didn’t really like it, but I personally enjoyed so much. It wasn’t about having a high or low budget, but instead of the emotions, she was transmitting throughout the whole music video. You could see how sad, angry, disappointed, relieved and hurt she was, and that alone made the video worth watching a thousand times if necessary.

My favorite lyrics from this song is: “You promised the world and I fell for it

I put you first and you adored it”

  • Ring

Selena Gomez rare

This song took me by surprise. I was not expecting that sound it had. You can clearly hear the Latin influence she added to the song, which personally, I absolutely enjoyed. Though, due to the path the album has taken so far, for some reason I thought the song was going to be more about her getting herself a ring, or making a promise of commitment to herself…it wasn’t even close

I love how confident she sounds. After all the heartbreak she’s been through, she knows her worth and she knows what she’s capable of. She knows she worth more than what she’s gotten in the past and she’s not having anyone mess with her feelings again. She basically said “call me all you want, I know I have you wrapped around my finger, but I ain’t coming back to you even if you were begging me to”

My favorite lyrics about this song is: “I’m one in a billion baby

Don’t you agree?

Obviously, you know I’m aware of that”

  • Vulnerable

Selena Gomez vulnerable

I don’t even have words to express how I felt when I first listened to this song. From the production to the lyrics, it was just…amazingly perfect. I noticed that she also repeated the word vulnerable in a previous song and that makes me feel like she’s truly loving herself and just giving herself the attention she deserves.

Vulnerability is not about weakness. Instead, being vulnerable is having been through so much pain during your lifetime and regardless of that, you still have faith in yourself that there’s more to the story than what other people may think of you. Staying vulnerable around things that make you feel unease and give you a lot of stress, but still keeping that strength, that takes a lot of believing in yourself and your capabilities. Once again, being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness but instead a sign of acknowledging that your scars are not yet healed, but regardless of that, you still open yourself up to the unexpected.

This goes just side by side with Lose You To Love Me regarding my favorite songs on the album.

My favorite lyrics from this song: “I would tell you all my secrets

Wrap your arms around my weakness

If the only other option’s letting go

I’ll stay vulnerable”

  • People You Know

rare Selena review

I’ve seen a lot of people relating this song only to relationships, but let me tell you, immediately after I heard it, I thought about a friendship I’ve had for so many years and how we’ve drifted apart to a point that I feel like I don’t know her anymore. Things can change in such a short instance and people that once meant the world to you are just no longer that safe place for you anymore.

I really enjoyed this song, just the meaning behind it makes it on my top five favorite songs. Though once again just like Dance Again, it’s a repetitive song and I honestly prefer songs with meaningful lyrics rather than a song that keeps repeating the same thing for over 98% of the song. That’s just my opinion. I know some people like that type of song and actually enjoy the production more, rather than the lyrical content, but for me, the lyrical content is what I like the most in a song.

My favorite lyric on this song is: “And what hurts the most is people can go

From people you know to people you don’t”

  • Let Me Get Me

Selena Gomez new album

I have to be honest with you guys, it took me a few listens to understand what she was singing about. At first, I heard nonsense as if it was just a lot of words just thrown into some background production. Not to mention, once again, it was really repetitive. Not much of a meaningful lyric came out of this song. Of course, it’s about self-reflection and self-love, but still. Was I the only one who thought about this?

I know it’s been a few days but if I’m being honest, I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it either. I think it’s mostly because of the fast-talking parts, instead of singing, but who knows, maybe it’ll grow on me along the way.

My favorite lyric from this song is: “Burn this camouflage I’ve been wearing for months

Tryna let a little happy in for once”

  • Crowded Room (feat. 6LACK)

Selena Gomez new album review

This song actually gave me “Hands to Myself” vibes, was that just me? I have to confess, I’m not so much into song collaborations and this wasn’t an exception to that. Of course, 6LACK gave the song some spice and a little bit of an urban-type of style. Once again, for the song to be so repetitive, I think it was a nice addition, still not a fan of collaborations but let’s give credit when credit is due.

Selena’s voice in this song was absolutely amazing. Her soft voice mixed with those raspy and low lyrics in the chorus makes it not be a skip.

My favorite lyric from this song is: “Betrayed by your imagination

In over my head, but that’s alright”

  • Kinda Crazy

Kinda crazy Selena Gomez review

Another song that really had me surprised. The melodies, Selena’s voice, the production, the lyrics, it is definitely on my top five.

I really enjoyed how she acknowledges the toxicity in the other person and how that attitude was damaging her well-being. I think this may be a good continuity to vulnerable. In vulnerable she was talking about how her self-worth is way more important than however, the other person feels for her, and in this song, she’s basically saying that she’s seeing now how obnoxious that person was and how they are still after her, even though she made it clear that it was over.

I’m almost sure we’ve all had someone like this in our lives, right?

My favorite lyric from this song is: “I started seeing through you like a ghost

And now I’m pretty sure I can’t take no more”

  • Fun

Selena Gomez new album rare review

As I said before, I’m not going to lie, this song resembles a lot of the “Stars Dance” album mixed with Julia Michaels influence and Poppy’s style. Did that made sense? For me, that song feels like something they decided to just throw-in as a filler. It is a fun song, I have to give her that, but I just wasn’t personally feeling it.

In my opinion, it lacked some captivating lyrics. The ones it has just seems like they have already been done; again, they sound like a mixture of Julia and Poppy. I love Julia Michaels music and her ability to write songs, but sometimes, the lyrics don’t go along with the production. Did that make sense?

My favorite lyrics from this song: “You get me higher than my medication

Take me to different places, let’s face it, I’m getting impatient”

  • Cut You Off

Selena Gomez review

Another one of my favorites. The song is pretty much self-explanatory.

You’ve been with that toxic person for so long and you slowly start to realize how bad your mental health is getting due to that certain situation; that’s when you know it isn’t going to work, so instead of letting that other person destroy your emotions and your ambitions, you just cut them off completely. If feels better, does it?

It may take some time, we’re not made of stone, but you’ll slowly see how you internally start growing up and entering a better mental state.

My favorite lyric from this song is: “Emotionally messing with my health

How could I confuse that shit for love?”

  • A Sweeter Place (feat. Kid Cudi)

Selena Gomez rare album review

Again, if I’m being honest, this was the song I liked the least out of all the songs in the whole album, and I’m not even sure why. I think it was because it had this futuristic sound to it and I just couldn’t place the production accordingly with the lyrics.

After hearing the song a couple more times I still had the same feeling. I absolutely love the lyrics and I’m so proud of her for finally finding that peace of mind she needed. My only critic with the song, at the moment, is that for the lyrics it has, I pictured it being more of a “Vulnerable” type of production, but we get what we get.

My favorite lyrics on this song is: “Learning to breathe up in the clouds, far from the crowds

I can’t believe I can be loud

Holding hands with the darkness

And knowing my heart is allowed” those lyrics were immensely deep and I’m still so in awe of them.

There We Had It

I apologize for how long it took me to get this out there to you guys, but I’m so glad I’m finally being able to share my thoughts with you within this album. I really do believe that it was one of her most honest albums yet, so I’m hoping that for whatever she gives us next it will follow this same path.
Have you listened to the album? No? Well, my friend, you have been missing on a lot of life lessons and honesty regarding this woman. You would truly be amazed with how hard she worked for this album to be what it is today and she deserves nothing more than love and support from all of her fans and people who just might enjoy listening to her music. If you’re one of those people, I would recommend you getting your hands on this album as soon as possible! I will leave you a link right here so you can take that step and join the rest of us!

Have you listened to the album? What did you think? Which ones were your favorites? I would love to hear from you in the comment section down below.

3 thoughts on “New Selena Gomez Album – Rare Review”

  1. Rhain says:

    Selena Gomez is one very talented woman and like you said, she knows how to make a person with the softness of her voice. She is no doubt, a great artist. The message behind the album is nothing short of empowering. It truly gives young people the belief that being rare is actually a good thing. After all, rare commodities are usually more expensive. I think she killed it with “vulnerable”. 

    Great review

    1. Stephanie says:

      Couldn’t agree more! 

  2. Sebastian says:

    Thanks for the review of Selena Gomez album rare review.
    I’m a fan of and love to listen to her songs. My favorites Selena song is “Good for You” and “Same Old Love”.
    While reading your post, I think Selena has done another good job on her new album and there are life lessons to learn.
    I will check it out.

    Thank you for sharing!

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