iPhone 6s Vs iPhone 11

iPhone 6s Vs iPhone 11

Do you currently have an iPhone 6s and you’re looking forward to upgrading your game into the iPhone 11? If that’s the case, I’m so glad you landed on this page. If you just want to know some of the basic changes and differences, then let’s jump right into it.

I’ve had the iPhone 6s since it came out, so since 2015 if I’m not mistaking. Recently, I started noticing that the iPhone 6s started to turn off on its own. That was annoying, but I didn’t emphasize so much on that aspect since it would always turn itself on. Later on, it would kick me out of certain applications (especially Facebook and Twitter), the battery life was clearly in a very bad place as well. I mean, my phone would’ve been 100% charged and after 5 minutes of using it, the percentage would go drastically low, which was insane since I was barely using it for a couple of minutes.

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 11

I’ve been having some really rough couple of months…and years, so I told myself that I was doing it. I was going to upgrade and get myself a new phone, I did. I bought the new iPhone 11.

iPhone 6s Vs iPhone 11

There are so many different things that had my mind blown away and one of those things was the size of the screen. If you have an iPhone 6s then you’ll know how small that thing can be. When I upgraded I was very surprised. Regardless of that, I actually thought that the iPhone 11 was going to be bigger, not in screen size but bigger in general, so that disappointed me a little.

I’ve had the iPhone 11 for almost a month now, so I thought it would be nice to compare them a little and see why you may think of upgrading or if you should just stick with the one you currently have.

iPhone 6s Vs iPhone 11

  • The iPhone 6 surely has a smaller aspect; smalller letters, screen, the videos weren’t as high-quality as I thought they were, etc.
  • The sound quality wasn’t as good as I expected in the iPhone 6s. In fact, I could barely hear music without earphones on because it just sounded really low and it was annoying having to plug in earphones, or an external audio system every time I wanted to listen to music.
  • Restriction of apps. If you have an iPhone 6s that hasn’t been updated, then you’re probably not going to get access to the newest updates. That means that all of your current apps, at some point, will stop functioning as they used to. Some of them you might not even get a chance to download because your iOS software doesn’t comply with the application’s demand.
    iPhone 6s vs iPhone 11
  • If you’re like me, you probably have eye problems, or simply just would like the letters of your phone to be bigger. Luckily the iPhone 6s has that feature that you can adjust the sizes of the letters that you’ll read or write. I never had any problems with that. In fact, I actually had my text letters at a medium size and I also used the zoom option the phone has, which works amazingly for people with eye conditions. The zoom feature is both featured on the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 11.
    Zoom on iPhone 6s vs iPhone 11
  • One upgrade I absolutely loved was the background color arrangement. If you’re using an iPhone 6s you get the chance to have some social media’s such as Twitter and Instagram with a black background. With the new iPhone 11 and all the iOS updates, now you can have your iPhone set on the night mode for as long as you want. I find this feature amazing! Having to deal with eye problems means that the light background can sometimes hurt my eyes and give me headaches, but with this update, you can choose that option. A game changer!
    iPhone 6s vs iPhone 11
  • Another huge difference between the iPhone 6s vs iPhone 11 is the speed. With the iPhone 6s, sure you got some nice video speed and all, but when you compare it to the iPhone 11 then it definitely lacks speed. The iPhone 11 is much faster in everything, from videos, apps, messages, typing, etc.
  • One thing that was holding me back from upgrading to an iPhone 11 was the idea that I was not going to have access to a home button. I couldn’t understand how that would work, but luckily I got used to it really fast. In fact, it gets a little confusing when I’m using my iPhone 11 and I have to check something out on my 6s. I keep trying to scroll upwards when trying to get out of an application instead of using the home button.
  • Another cool feature that I found so fun was the MeMojis. I’m pretty sure these have been going around for some time with the launch of the iPhone X, but for me, it was like a brand new game. The fact that you can actually create your own emoji and even record your actions and use your own voice with them, it’s just a really entertaining and a really nice improved iPhone feature.
    iPhone 6s vs iPhone 11

Finger ID Vs Face ID

As I said before, I’ve had the iPhone 6s since it came out, so I didn’t really have full knowledge on how Face ID worked. I thought that it was going to be misleading, and a risk factor regarding your privacy and your phone as a whole.

After getting my new iPhone and setting up the Face ID I was actually surprised that it worked just as well as the fingerprint ID. With the iPhone 6s, you had to place your finger on the home button to get access, but with this new update you just look straightly into your phone (towards the camera) and you’ll phone will be unlocked automatically.

Now, you may be wondering how dangerous that can be if you’re sleeping, because believe me, I’d had the same doubts. Luckily, you can set an option for your phone to be unlocked only when your camera is fully focused on your face, meaning that you need to have your eyes open and be aware.

Another nice improvement with the Face ID feature is that you can save your password/accounts and instead of having to type in your whole email and password, you can just use the Face ID and it will log you in automatically towards whatever it is that you’re trying to access.


iPhone 6s vs iPhone 11

I absolutely loved my iPhone 6s and it’s going to be with me for way more years to come, but I have to admit that the iPhone 11 has so much more quality and innovations than any other. The new features, the speed, the double camera and better focus on it, not to mention the amazing high-quality the phone has towards pictures, videos and audios. The options are unlimited with the amount of this you can pursue within this small device.

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 11, which one do you prefer?

8 thoughts on “iPhone 6s Vs iPhone 11”

  1. Benny says:

    Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. anyone would obviously pick the iphone 11. the sleek body and beautifully crafted sides takes my breath away when i hold it. this is aside from the quality of the pictures it produces. there is no competition here

    1. Stephanie says:

      The iPhone 11 has a lot of new features, but I know there are people like me out there who still love the iPhone 6s and all the innovations it has. 

  2. Koda says:

    I can relate to this post all too well ): I too love my iphone 6s. I’ve considered upgrading, as I’m a total sucker for marketing campaigns on the TV, but I’m still not sure. I’m torn!! Lol. I think the biggest factor for me would be the speed upgrade… the jump is just quantum. I know, I’ve used my mom’s 11 ): I’m really not sure what I should do. i thought this article would help me make up my mind but even this can’t cure indecision! haha great article though, I love compare/contrast posts. Much appreciated!! (: 


    1. Stephanie says:

      It really is a hard decisions for those of us who love the iPhone 6s. It’s a big upgrade but by far, it has been worth it! 

  3. Misty Outdoors says:

    I ran into the same problems with my Iphone 6- in fact, I was told by my provider that I would have to upgrade because they wouldn’t provide me with service any longer.  My battery ran low quickly as well.  I didn’t realize that I could have changed the text size on my phone- very cool.  Now that I know this, I will change the text size on my new Iphone.  The one aspect that I love about my Iphone 11 are the photos. The quality on the camera has improved drastically!

    1. Stephanie says:

      Sadly, that’s how technology is working nowadays. iPhones below 7 don’t really have any value (daily use wise). Companies just want to make people spend more money on things they don’t necessarily need. Thank you for reading!

  4. Twack Romero says:

    So, I’m vicariously commenting on behalf of my wife. She is an iPhone 6s user and has been for a couple of years. She’ll tell you it’s the best thing since sliced bread. That’s because she moved up from an iPhone 5s. The said 5s is now in my possession. I know, why ? Well it’s better than the Samsung Android ‘whatever’ I had before. Maybe that’s how we view upgrades, as a comparison to what we have been putting up with, even when we think it’s the best.

    Two things that you’ve pointed out, I know will make a huge difference to my wife. The first is the ‘night mode’ being available whenever you want. Having the glare taken away is a must for sensitive eyes, which she has. The second is the speed factor. The ability to load and run apps quickly is paramount for someone who is using their iPhone primarily for business. Time is money, as they say. All the added improvements would be welcomed but the two I mentioned already make it a sure thing.

    1. Stephanie says:

      iPhone’s below 7 will soon be unable to complete their full potential since the iOS would not upgrade after a certain point. The iPhone 6s still runs with some of the previous IOS but it will slow down the phone eventually. 

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