Bonus Tracks Of Rare – Album by Selena Gomez

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That was my album review of Rare by Selena Gomez. If you missed it here’s the link to the review of the album as a whole. As you can see, my opinions were slightly different from each other but somehow they were still really coherent according to the type of sound this album has. Because if we take a closer look, the whole album was diverse. None of the songs had the same melodies, productions or rhythms. Every song sounded like it was a whole different album itself. It had that Taylor Swift -latest album vibes – as well which is something that I really appreciate when artists start trying out new things.

Was that the whole thing?

Well, there is a deluxe edition of Rare that I think it’s only available at Target. Don’t worry! Those are songs you probably have already heard, so you’re not missing out on much, but for the sake of this review, I will go further in and give my personal opinions within those bonus tracks.

Bonus Tracks Of Rare – Album by Selena Gomez

  • Bad Liar

Selena Gomez album rare
I can clearly remember when this song came out a couple of years ago. Selena has been absent from the music scene for some time and she decided to drop this song out of nowhere, which I’m pretty sure a lot of people thought it was going to be a new single from a new upcoming album, but no, we weren’t even near the next album.

The song is basically about her denying her feelings for someone and making herself believe that she’s not really falling for that person, but deep inside of her she knows she’s only lying to herself.

I love the song but I especially love the music video the most. She plays a mother, teacher, father and a student/daughter who has a crush on her teacher (herself), which is my absolute favorite thing. We love seeing LGBT+ representation in music videos and in the media in general.

My favorite lyrics on this song were: “With my feelings on fire

Guess I’m a bad liar”

  • Fetish

rare review Selena Gomez

When this song first came out I was so deeply confused. First of all, my mother language is not English, so I wasn’t really aware of what the word “fetish” meant. It took me a little time to comprehend the concept until I finally heard the song. Once again, miss Gomez did not disappoint with those lyrics. Even though I prefer bad liar over fetish, I still think the song is, as the kids say, aging like fine wine.

The music video for this song though, it’s been some time now and I still have no idea of the meaning behind it. I got the part of where she was eating the lipstick and I think the soap as well? Because those can be targeted as “fetishes” but besides that, I’m still confused with that video.

My favorite lyrics on that song were: “If I were you, I’d do me too” love that! Love the self-love

  • It Ain’t Me

Selena Gomez review it ain’t me
The chorus of this song was so catchy but the whole other part of the song was a little confusing and it still is. It’s been a few years and I can still hear “borrowing whiskey drinks, go for, I’m so therefore” I know, it doesn’t make any sense, but the mixed-up vocals and the way that part was constructed just made the song feel a little off. In my personal opinion, that part would’ve been better if the vocal density didn’t have that echo-ish sound in the back. Regardless of that, I still love it and it was actually on my last year’s workout playlist.

My favorite lyric on this song were: “Somewhere along the lines

We stopped seeing eye to eye

You were staying out all night

And I had enough”

  • Back To You

back to you Selena Gomez review
I absolutely adore this song, it may come close to being one of my favorites besides Bad Liar, though, I don’t understand why she decided to include it on this album. I mean, Rare is basically about being vulnerable enough to open up about your feelings and letting the past where it belongs without any remorse. With Back to You, she’s basically admitting how this one person takes up all the space in her brain to the point that beyond all the negatives and all the lows, not to mention the toxic traits, she’d still go back to that person no matter what. That doesn’t go along with the concept of self-love and acceptance she was trying to portray on her new album.

That’s not really the message the album as a whole was trying to give, but again, it is a fun song that makes you fire up some scripted scenarios in your head that you know will never happen.

My favorite lyrics on this song were: “You could break my heart in two

But when it heals, it beats for you

I know it’s forward but it’s true”

  • Wolves

Rare album review
Wolves has been another one of my favorite singles without an album release date that she has done so far. The production in this track along with the softness of her voice was simply beautiful. She sounds so vulnerable and trying to get out of a dark hole that she’s stuck in, while trying to get validation from someone else. We’re humans and most of us crave that validation regardless of how toxic said person can be to you.

Again, I don’t understand why this was included in the track since it was a whole different headspace for her and where she was at that moment and where she is right now, but at the same time, I think I get the point of why she did it…vulnerability.

My favorite lyrics on this song were: “I’ve looked for love in every stranger

Took too much to ease the anger

All for you”

That Concludes The Album Review

One thing that I noticed within these songs was that aside from Bad Liar and Back To You, all of the other songs were collaborations with other artists. As I said, I love that she’s trying brand new things, but I honestly would love to hear something that was as personal as Lose You To Love Me, which by far, has been one of her best songs throughout her career. Her voice alone deserves so much more admiration. It’s that type of voice that can’t really hit high notes but the softness of it makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine.
This was my review for this other half of the album, I would love to hear from you in the comment section down below. What were your favorites?

If you haven’t checked out my full review of the album (minus the bonus tracks) I would suggest that you click on this link right here so you can have the full experience. 

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  1. Steve W. says:

    Thank you for reviewing this. I didn’t know there was a Deluxe Edition with these bonus tracks. But you’re right these are not that new and thats OK. I don’t really buy albums these days and instead just stream my favourite music from Apple Music and your review here has just made me start streaming them 🙂 I think Selena is one of the most talented artists now and consistently releasing great music and titles. Looking forward to more reviews from you!

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